Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to The VALID System

    1. Module 1 - Vision Planning

    2. Module 2 - Accountability + Action

    3. Module 3 - Lifestyle

    4. Module 4 - Impact

    5. Module 5 - Decision-Making

    6. Module 6 - Wrap Up

    1. Bonuses

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“Welp! Tomorrow I'm officially "back in the office" but today I: - ordered meal prep for the week; - sent out reference requests to a nanny; and - sent out first round interview requests for a weekly housecleaner; and - started the search for a personal assistant! Hoping to have my personal/ home care team solidified by the end of the month!”

Ashley K.

“Felicia-- you are AMAZING.... Like... just.... I'm sitting here in awe. It's an honor to learn from you... I thought to DM you this but naw. Sis, you are getting this love publicly.”

Altimese C.

“You have completely changed the way I make moves as a woman, wife, and CEO. Now, I always ask myself 'What would RICH Sharlrita do?'”

Sharlrita D.